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American Football from the land of hope and glory is increasing in popularity in the United Kingdom and surprisingly enough in Germany. British American Football is played up and down the country throughout the summer months with intense popularity. Teams are large in size and the turn-out is good!

Many players may have started out wanting to keep fit during the out season of Rugby Union or League, but however you came across this fantastic game, no doubt the idea of touring and playing against some fresh faces is ideal to help kick-start your season.

The mecca of American Football is obviously the United States of America. Here you will experience what it is like to play the game as a national sport, attracting large crowds at most levels. Should you want to tour end of season why not combine it with watching a live NFL game!

If your budget does not stretch across the Atlantic sea then why not take a tour to Germany. All over the country this sport is growing bigger in popularity, as it is in the UK. It is especially popular among the American schools and was developed outside the US Army bases in the late 70s. Germany was the first country in Europe to have its own American Football Association, which has now developed and operates as a pyramid with promotion and demotion! 

For those that enjoy the equally popular Flag Football (FF) a game of skill and intensity with-out the hard hits is also growing in popularity. Again fixtures can be arranged in Germany for your FF team!

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