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Now has never been a better time to take your basketball team on tour, with the recent partnership between the Premier League and Sport England, contributing nearly 17 million to the sport.

The Premier league influence and the added financial support will undoubtedly make a massive impact on the sport and added participation in the game.

The mecca of all basketball tours is without doubt to the United States of America where basketball was developed at Springfield College back in 1891. Basketball tours to America don’t come without the interest of watching an NBA game should your tour coincide!

However, Basketball is now flourishing world-wide and you can take your team pretty much anywhere from Paris or as far afield as New Zealand!

  Where to take your your basketball team on tour?  
  Belgium   Germany   France   Great Britain  
  Italy   Jersey   Malta   Netherlands  
  Ireland   Spain   Australia   New Zealand  
  South Africa   USA   Canada   China  
  Malaysia     St Lucia     Barbados   Brazil  
  sports tours - basketball