Any pre or end of season hockey tour is the highlight of the year - uniting players and will live in their memories for years to come! As hockey was developed here in the United Kingdom, it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular sports at home and now abroad.

Hockey has developed over the years and is now played prodominantly on astro-turf, which is why we do our up-most to provide high quality astro-turf pitches for all your fixtures at all our destinations!

Hockey is now the national sport of India, which makes for some outstanding fixtures and cultural experiences alike. Other destinations that inspire players both on and of the pitch include Sri Lanka, South Africa and Malaysia. Or, if you are after a bit of relaxation and beaches in-between fixtures then Barbados and St Lucia are the destinations for your team tour.

Hockey tours can be as close to home as here in the UK or just over the water to one of our Channel Islands - Jersey and our neighbour France. Or, you can make the distance to travel to New Zealand, a country passionate about all sports and awe-inspiring in beauty, with most coutries in-between playing this great game!

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