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The Beautiful game that is football is played the world over. There are not many countries where you will struggle to find a team eager to play a competitive friendly match against a touring side no matter what the age or gender!

With the World Cup around the corner Brazil is buzzing with a football vibe – even more than usual. With many new hotels being built for the world cup and Olympics why not take advantage of them during the lull between both events! Here in Brazil training and match facilities are first class and training by ex-professionals can help enhance your team’s performance. Why not throw in some beach soccer training with professional coaches to really work-out, followed by a quick dip in the sea to cool down.

For those wanting to tour a bit closer to home we have Europe on our door-step and nearly all countries make for a fantastic tour. Barcelona is one of the most popular Football tour destinations, with fantastic sports facilities, professional coaches, a beautiful coastline, a cool city and an amazing football stadium that you can visit or even better catch a match at!

If distance is your thing then surprisingly enough New Zealand and Australia also make for an amazing football tour. Here you will not only visit countries with breath-taking scenery, but also play some great football against local sides on some amazing 3G facilities. With the introduction of the A-league and the All Whites/Silver Ferns doing so well, football is on the rise and now played at every level here in the southern hemisphere.

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