Netball is played by over 20 million people worldwide in 80 countries. However we at STG work with specific nations where we know that you will have quality fixtures. The Superleague in the United Kingdom plays a major part in the promotion of this great game which was developed in England back in 1892.

The ANZ Championship held in Australia and New Zealand is played and watched with eagerness and popularity alongside their other national sports, such as rugby and basketball. It is through this enthusiasm that netball in Australasia flourishes! Both countries can offer your team some fantastic matches, when evenly matched, make for some excited spectators!

Netball derived from the female basketball game in the United States of America, which later took on the new game Netball later developed in the London. It is therefore of no surprise that the game flourishes still in both the UK, America and now Canada. Other exciting destinations to tour include Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa!

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