Promoting your sports tour


Sports Tours with Gower know how important and crucial the planning stage of any sports tour is, which is why we are here to help you every step of the way.

Once we have identified the right destination, dates, fixtures and excursions for your group, with-in your budget, we can then help you launch the tour to the students or team and parents.

Below are some tools to help promote your proposed sports tour.


Sports tour letter to group member and parents

  Please download a letter here that can be sent to parents to advertise the sport tour.  

Sports tour poster


Please download one of the posters below to advertise your

Football Tour here

Rugby Tour here

Hockey Tour here


Face to face meeting

  Often it is a lot easier to meet up for a face to face meeting and go through the finer details of your tour plans. We can then spend some time fine-tuning the details of the tour before the launch!  

Sports tour promotional parent evening

  Sometimes schools or sports groups that have not run a sports trip for many years may require an initial presentation to parents to provide an overview of the planned sports trip and enable parents to gather information and seek reassurance before making their decisions. At Sports Tours Gower we are more than happy to send a representative to such a parents evening to provide information about the proposed sports trip.