Safety Management System      

Our Safety Management system can be downloaded from here.

A summary of the main points is as follows :-


All our accommodations are inspected on a tri-annual basis by staff from Gower Tours who have all been trained by the Warwickshire Fire Brigade in the inspection of hotels.
Accommodations are expected to conform to all local and national fire, safety and hygiene standards.

On the odd occasions that we are unable to attend a site visit we ask the hoteliers to complete a self-assessment form, which is then assessed by a Gower Tours trained member of staff. Copies of all forms are available for the group leader to view on request.

You can download a "Sample" copy of our Accommodation Risk Assessment here.

  • All coaches that we contract in from the UK, to service our holidays are less then 5 years old, unless otherwise specified.
  • Copies of licence details and liability insurance are attained on an annual basis and they have to provide evidence that they are equipped to deal to mechanical failures
  • They also only use drivers with local experience and they provide evidence that their drivers are C.R.B. checked
  • The coaches are equipped with safety belts and for your comfort a toilet, TV/DVD and hot drinks machine

You can download our General Travel Risk Assessment here.

For groups who only require transfers in resort, the same assessments and amenities are not always available.