Sport Fixtures      

Sporting Focus


We at STG know how important a sports tour is to any team to help with the development and bonding of the players and coaching staff involved.

We are a dedicated company, passionate about sport and the development of each team that we are involved with.

We work with boys, girls, men and women teams of all standards and ability. It is through our passion for sport that our dedicated team stives to match your skill level with the appropriate competition for your tour.

We also understand that in some cases the down-time is equally improtant so that you have the right balance of both. In our experience we have found that some teams are purely focused on matches and training with very little time for anything else. Where-as other teams will want an even balance of fixtures, training and sight-seeing. Which is why we work very closely with you from the early stages right through to your after tour care, to make sure that everything runs smoothly and is to your liking!


Sports Tour Questionnaire


You will be issued with a Sports Tour Questionnaire very early on, so that we can assess your group needs. We will work closely with you throughout the planning stages so that we put together your prefect package!

We take pride in making sure that all your fixtures are suitably matched to make for competitive fixtures. In order to do this it is crutial that you return the Sports Tour Questionnaire prior to or at the time of booking!


The Itinerary


As no two tour will be the same, it is vital that we work closely with your group leader to make sure your tour requirments are established early on. Once we have established what you want in terms of fixtures, we then work closely with you on the other aspects of the tour, such as, training, masterclasses, cultural experiences and excursions.

Our expertise comes from over 50 years of arranging tours world-wide and knowing the right questions to ask in order to get the best for your tour. It also helps having reliable, enthusiastic and quality partners in each destination, which is the secret to a successful tour. These are not easy to find and hence the need for a specialist organisation such as STG.


Face to Face Meeting

  Often it is a lot easier to meet up for a face to face meeting and go through the finer details of your tour plans. We can then spend some time fine-tuning the details either before the launch or once you have booked!